3 Signs Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack… Plus How To Balance Them

Have you been feeling like something is a little off lately… but you are not sure why you are feeling that way?

Perhaps you are not sleeping as soundly as you used to… your cravings are all over the place or you don’t even have an appetite. Maybe all of those yoga classes, workouts and calming breaths still don’t relieve you from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and stressed to the max… plus you can’t seem to lose those five extra pounds that have appeared out of nowhere, no matter how “healthy” your healthy diet is…

Does This Sound Familiar? 

What ALL these body signals mean is that your hormones are out of balance and it’s creating some major mood swings that we call PMS!  You are not alone.  So many women are feeling like this right now… but I have some GOOD news for you… you don’t have to feel like this even if your doctor has dismissed your feelings.

You can balance your hormones and create harmony within your body by making small adjustments to your diet and lifestyle to support your hormones.

So How Do You Know If You Have A Hormonal Imbalance?

We’d want to get your hormones tested but in the meantime here are three signs your hormones are not balanced and a few suggestions on how to balance them naturally right now.

You Have Crazy Cravings 

Have you noticed that your need for chocolate or salty treats has gone from once and a while to all of the time? If your body has an intense craving for both or either it can mean that your cortisol levels are too high and or your adrenal glands are fatigued.

You Are Wired But Tired 

I hear this one all of the time! You are exhausted at the end of the day but when you try to fall asleep you get a third wind of energy. This is the stress hormone cortisol playing havoc on your body. When we have to much cortisol from constant stress we tax our adrenal glands which creates this feeling of high and low energy in our body which can happen during the day but we tend to notice this most at night.

You Can’t Lose The Weight 

This is the most frustrating for all women… especially if you feel like you are eating healthy but you feel like your body doesn’t reflect the foods you eat and the way you move your body. You can reset your metabolism at any age but only if you create hormonal harmony first.

Create Hormonal Balance By Following These Three Tips 

Legs Up The Wall 

Stress is the number one reason why we don’t feel amazing in our body, no matter our age. Whenever I feel overwhelmed during the day or can’t seem to fall asleep at night I put my legs up the wall. Here are step by step instructions for my favorite yoga pose.

Get More Sleep 

Whenever I ask women how many hours of sleep a night they are getting, the average is around six. Ladies, this is not enough sleep and is one of the main reasons you are feeling so crappy. Turn off electronics at least an hour if not two before you go to sleep and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day to reset your internal clock.

Food Journal 

How “healthy” is your healthy diet? So many foods like sugar, gluten and dairy actually create some major hormonal imbalance. For a week or two write down or take pictures of everything you are eating so we can see if something in your diet is the reason you are not feeling your best.

Let’s Chat… If you’d like to explore how to balance your hormones I’m inviting you to join me for a complimentary session. During our time together we will look at how you are feeling both physically and emotionally, and come up with solutions to end your cravings and PMS today. Join me by finding a time on my calendar that works the best for you. I’m only opening my calendar this week for five sessions, so be sure to sign up soon, as they will go fast!

Big Hugs & Health,


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