Thrive In Your Body Call This Wednesday

Thrive In Your Body

Are you read to Thrive In Your Body? Get ready because Thrive In Your Body starts on Monday, August 11th. Still on the fence about joining Thrive In Your Body? Join me for a fun informational call where you can learn more about this program plus I will answer any questions you might have this […]

It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones Workshop At The Green Yogi

Katie Bressack Workshop At The Green Yogi

If you are not feeling like yourself lately, no worries. I am here to tell you that… It’s not YOU, It’s your Hormones! Join me this Saturday at The Green Yogi from 4 to 5 p.m. and learn how to thrive in your body instead of feeling moody and cranky! This workshop is for you if you […]

What Do You Need To Feel Healthy?

Women's Health Coach Katie Bressack

One of the best parts about my life is supporting amazing women (like you) and helping you create the life of your dreams. So many of us are waiting until we reach our ideal weight to go after the job of our dreams, waiting until we feel confident in our bodies to travel or even […]

Winner Of The Summer Body Love Challenge

Thrive In Your Body

Thank you so much for joining me and Thriving In Your Body with the Summer Body Love Challenge this July! It has been such a pleasure and an honor watching all of you Thrive In Your Body by adding movement into your life, eating healthy and experiencing how it feels to really make you and […]

Summer Salmon Recipe

Summer Salmon Recipe

This is one of my new favorite recipes. What I love so much about my Summer Salmon Recipe is that its full of different tastes and textures. Plus it is very simple to make which leaves more time for us to be outside enjoying the sunshine and the beach!         Summer Salmon […]

What Is Really Weighing You Down

Women's Health Coach Katie Bressack

When I first started out as a health coach, I was super excited to share all of the health benefits of kale with all of my women clients. I found it fascinating that we could heal our bodies by eating the right kinds of food.  I still love kale, but over the years I witnessed […]

What Are Your 5 Non-Negotiables?

Women's Health Coach Katie Bressack

Whenever I have a few extra moments in my life I like to check in with myself to see if I am living the life that I want to live every single day. How often are you able to check in with yourself to see how you are feeling and if that feeling is what […]

Join Us Today For A Summer Of Health

Women's Health Coach Katie Bressack

You know what makes me so happy? Hearing from all of you! I love receiving your emails each week with your health related questions and amazing suggestions for blog posts. You keep me on my toes so that I can always share the most relevant  health + wellness tips for you. That is one of the many reasons […]

Summer Body Love Challenge

Thrive In Your Body with Katie Bressack

When was the last time you did something extremely special for yourself that made you feel luscious and completely nourished in your body? When was the last time you felt beautiful and confident in your body, every single day? When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror with no judgment or […]

Move Your Body Because You Love Your Body

Women's Health Coach Katie Bressack

A few of you asked what type of movement I enjoy the most, and it got me to thinking. There was a time in my life when I would wake up at 6:30 in the morning, go to the gym to run or swim and go to yoga after work. I loved working out, it made me […]