Happy Healthy Hormones Interview Series

An Interview Series Hosted By Women’s Health Expert Katie Bressack 

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Lara Adler
Andrea Beaman

Lara adler 

andrea beaman

Katie Bressack

  • Environmental Toxins Expert Lara shares how toxins affect our delicate hormonal balance
  • Practical steps you can take to start switching out products
  • How quickly your body can come back into balance once you make some small shifts
  • Natural foods chef and thyroid expert Andrea Beaman shares how she healed her thyroid… hint it has to do with what’s on her plate!
  • Why you actually need energy to have a good night’s sleep
  • The connection between your liver and thyroid
  • Women’s health expert Katie shares how stress affects hormones
  • Why lifestyle is just as important as diet when it comes to hormones
  • Her favorite ways to relax and recharge
Dr. Lara Briden

Dr. Lara briden

Jessica Drummond


Damian and Heather Dube

heather & damian dubÉ

  • Dr. Lara Briden shares why ovulating is the most important part of your cycle
  • If you’ve ever been on the pill, Lara shares her best next steps
  • What happens over time to your hormones when you are on birth control
  • The founder of Integrative Women’s Health Institute Jessica shares how to identify pelvic pain
  • How to find a practitioner who specializes in women’s health to help address pelvic pain
  • Why pain from your period is not normal and the next steps you can take to address that
  • Co-founders of the e3 Energy Evolved System Heather & Damian share how it is possible to heal from an autoimmune disorder
  • The connection between the mind and body and how to heal both
  • The real questions you should be asking yourself on your healing journey
Vikki Ede
Rachel Eyre
Elissa Goodman

vikki ede

rachel eyre

elissa goodman

  • Natural Menopause Expert Vikki shares how modern nutrition and lifestyle are causing more women to experience a problematic menopause.
  • The 5 steps needed to alleviate menopause symptoms and ensure a smooth transition through this life phase.
  • Reasons to look on this life phase positively and how
  • The Period Whisperer Rachel shares what natural family planning is (a scientifically proven and valid method) and how is it different from the rhythm method
  • Learn how to understand your cycle so that you can get pregnant if so desired
  • Understand your body’s natural hormonal balance can really empower you
  • Holistic nutritionist and lifestyle cleanse expert Elissa shares the role that cleansing can play in healthy hormonal balance
  • What foods we can eat to have a balancing effect on hormones
  • The best times for us to sleep to replenish our hormones
Dina Ivas

dina ivas  

Estrella Jaramillo

estrella jaramillo

Nicole Jardim

nicole jardim 

  • Yoga Instructor Dina shares the importance of yoga and our health
  • Discover what yoga poses can benefit your hormones
  • Learn how you can incorporate a yoga practice into your busy schedule
  • The co-founder of B-WOM shares why prevention is important, particularly when it comes to intimate health
  • Why we need to break taboos around female intimate health: period, postpartum, sexual health, etc
  • How this app is helping women gain information about what is going on with their body
  • The Period Girl Nicole Jardim shares the one thing we can can do to fix our period problems
  • Discover how sugar impacts your period and hormones in a big way
  • Learn how chewing your food can actually help with your period problems
Margo Lang & Annie Lascoe

Margo lang & annie lascoe 

  • The founders of Conscious Period share why it is important to use 100% cotton feminine care products and why it is important for that cotton to be organic
  • The social issues in this space – the tampon tax, the fact that food stamps do not cover period products, shelters limited access to these products, etc.
  • How the conversation around such a stigmatized experience/industry is shifting and how we think consumers can shape this momentum moving forward
Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey mathews

  • The founder of BIRTHFIT shares why it’s so crucial to take time to rest and heal after having a baby
  • What you need to do first before going to any baby boot camp
  • Why mindset is so important for any woman, even if you are not a mom
Aimee Raupp

aimee raupp

  • Acupuncturist and herabist Aimee shares why it’s important to prepare your body for pregnancy
  • The two things your doctor should be testing you for, but might not be
  • Her inspiring story of becoming pregnant at age 40 and having a healthy baby boy
Susan Shah
Ashley Smaldino
Robyn Srigley

susan shah 

ashley smaldino 

Robyn srigley

  • Holistic health coach Susan shares what Ayurveda is and how is it important in hormonal balance
  • How Ayurveda can help balance your hormones and reduce stress in your life
  • How hormone imbalance show up for each of the Ayurvedic doshas
  • Plant based health coach Ashley shares what barley grass juice extract, dulse, wild blueberries, spirulina, cilantro all have in common
  • How to listen to your body so you know exactly what it might need
  • How to not be afraid of eating too much fruit
  • The Hormone Diva shares what three things you should be eating at every meal to help support Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • A few natural ways to reduce heavy/irregular/painful periods
  • How to get diagnosed if you think you might have PCOS
Amanda Stanley
Stasha Washburn
Melissa Turner

Amanda stanley

Stasha washburn


  • Herbalist Amanda shares her top 5 go-to herbs to ease you through your cycles
  • Why it’s so important to support the liver for your hormonal health
  • The safest and best ways to use whole herbs safely for physical and mental hormonal support
  • The Period Coach shows us the four phases of our cycle and the power in each phase
  • Discover how your hormones change your brain throughout the month
  • Learn how your period is either helping or harming your business
  • The founder of EndoEmpowered shares the role nutrition plays in managing endometriosis
  • Discover if you are having just painful periods or if there is more to the story
  • Learn what questions you can ask your doctor to help you get diagnosed and treated properly