I Can Still Have My Coffee… Right?

“I can still have my coffee… right?”

This question pretty much comes up during EVERY one of the first sessions with my clients. They are so ready to make healthy changes in their lives but are SO not ready to give up coffee!

Most of the time my clients have been drinking coffee for so many years that they don’t know how they feel without the caffeine running through their veins…

BUT what if I told you that having less caffeine can actually help to improve your energy? What if drinking less coffee could help you feel more focused and productive at work?

I know, I know you won’t believe me until you try…. but in the meantime I’d like to introduce you to Mary.

Mary is a lawyer and mother of two young boys who was really craving more energy in her life. As you can imagine she is one busy lady and needs all the long lasting energy she can get.

When we looked at the way she started her morning, which usually meant rushing out of the house drinking coffee without breakfast, water or a moment to check in with herself, it was leaving her feeling drained before she even started her day in the office.

Once she started eating breakfast with enough protein, drinking water before coffee and slowing down as much as possible, she really started to see improvements in her energy levels in just a few weeks.

“I’m amazed at how much more energy I have, just by making the switches you suggested for my morning. I went from drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day to 1-2 a day. I am not drinking coffee until I get to work and I used to “need” it to be able to drive my kids to daycare. I haven’t stepped on a scale, but I can tell I have lost weight. Stuff I used to want to put sugar on actually tastes sweet without it. I have more energy, more clarity and less of that “hazy” feeling.”

One of the many reasons why Mary feels so good is because she hasn’t been depriving herself. Instead we added in so many nourishing foods that actually support her body so she can actually have ENOUGH energy to be a badass lawyer and mother without feeling depleted.

So this week when you are looking at creating or maintaining your healthy lifestyle, think about what you can add into your life to really nourish your body instead of thinking about what you have to take away… and try drinking more water 🙂

Big Hugs & Health,


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