I Don’t Have A Magic Pill… I Have Something Better For You

When I started my business over six years ago, I think I may have been a little bit crazy… I had a full time job, was teaching yoga, had private clients, then moved across the country and was trying to make a new home for me and my future husband.  I seriously had never worked harder in my life… including the time I was on the corporate clock for 60 hours a week in NYC.I really wanted it to be EASY because it was my passion unlike any of my jobs before. I kept thinking if only I worked harder at this I would get more clients, and I would grow my business fast.

I ran around in circles until I decided it wasn’t worth the time or frustration of doing it alone anymore and that is when I hired my first business coach.

I could finally breathe a breath of fresh air because I had support from someone who had already done what I was trying to do…. and that is when everything started to change.

Many women come to me after they have tried the quick fixes, aka the “magic pill” that was guaranteed to work for them. Just like I did, they have RUN around in circles trying all the latest fad diets and nothing has worked.

By the time they find me they are so frustrated and disappointed that their health didn’t improve long term that they believe nothing will work… even though they want it to!

But you CAN improve your health long term without costing you anymore of your precious sanity.

So although I can’t offer you a magic pill, that we both know won’t work, what I can offer you is what really works… and what you should really want … not to feel tired, bloated or moody??

Support is the real “magic” solution. By having me guide and support you on your personalized journey you will improve your health long term. WHY? Because having someone guide you and personalize your journey is what makes all of the difference.

I don’t know about you but I have NO desire to do anything on my own anymore, because I have witnessed my own growth and all of my clients growth by having real support and accountability.

If you are looking for support, I am reopening my calendar this week for just three one-on-one complimentary sessions with me. Let’s figure out why you haven’t gotten the “results” you really want and how you can get there for real this time. Click here to schedule your session with me. 

Big Hugs & Health,
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