Nutritional Support For Perimenopause & Menopause

Are you having extreme hot flashes, hair loss and low energy?

Is that weight not coming off no matter how little you eat and how much you work out?

As our body transitions through perimenopause into menopause we often feel at a loss of the best foods to eat, the right movement for our body because everything we have been doing for so long is no longer supporting our health.

We can support your hormones during this life transition with 1-0n-1 nutrition and wellness counseling so you can continue getting a good night’s sleep, keep your anxiety and stress at a minimum, and feel comfortable and confident in your body. There are specific foods, herbs and supplements that can help with hot flashes, anxiety and low libido.

Benefits Of Health and Wellness Support During Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Eating the right foods to support you during all phases of menopause
  • Understanding your food cravings and giving your body exactly what it really needs
  • Losing those stubborn pounds that somehow discovered your belly and bum
  • Finding relief from hot flashes
  • Increasing your libido
  • Buying and wearing clothes that make you feel confident, beautiful and sexy
  • Curbing your sugar cravings
  • Getting an amazing night’s sleep again
  • Feeling confident that you are doing everything you can to feel healthy and strong
  • Keeping your metabolism healthy and strong

Here I am, feeling awesome, loving the new foods she recommended, feeling more clarity of mind and sleeping like a baby. I highly recommend Katie for mind body soul healing! I’m very grateful to have found her!” ~Luciana DeGrazia

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