When you are ready to start having children suddenly its all you can think about, maybe even dream about. As busy corporate women we are used to getting what we want, when we want it and at this point in our careers things come easy to us. That is one of the many reason why it’s so surprising to you that it might be taking longer than you thought to conceive.

Deep down you may realize that maybe you haven’t been taking as good of care of yourself as you really want to be. Perhaps you are craving sugar all of the time, emotionally eating and no matter how hard you try you can’t reduce your stress enough to get a solid night’s sleep or a calmer day.

Work is overwhelming, your personal life is busy and you don’t know how to find the time to take care of you but you know it’s a priority and will help your body get ready for pregnancy.

Now is the time to really slow down enough to clean up your diet, understand your body and feel more empowered about this next journey in your life.

During our six-months together I will support you to help get your body, physically, emotionally and spiritually ready to have a baby. Together we will look at your diet, your schedule, your needs and create a plan that supports your body so you can have a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Together we will add more nutritious foods into your diet, cope and react differently to the triggers in your life and become more in tune with your body.

Health Coaching & Pregnancy Nutrition Sample Sessions

  • Cleaning up your diet and adding foods in which increase fertility
  • Understanding your cycle and hormone levels
  • How to be consistent with your healthy habits despite a busy schedule
  • What foods you can eat to help with your immune system and gut to increase your fertility
  • Discover why you are really emotional eating and how to really nourish your thoughts and body
  • What are superfoods and how they can help increase fertility
  • Add in supplements that are healthy to help increase fertility and ensure a healthy pregnancy

I understand the emotions that come up when you are trying to get pregnant and I know that this might not be the easiest thing for you so during our personalized one-on-one sessions I promise to be there to support you during each stage of this journey.

If you are ready for support reach out today and schedule a consultation with me. I’m so looking forward to getting to know you better.

Working with Katie has been great. She listens and then suggests options. She doesn’t nag. I went through a long fertility process and am so grateful to have had Katie to talk to. We used food to try to work through the hormone fluctuations brought on by medication. I don’t think my journey with Katie ends here. She helped to educate me and in turn I have become interested in understanding the food industry and how my body reacts to what it ingests. With Katie’s help, I’ve become a better version of myself and I am in control of the relationships I have with others, exercise, food, my skin etc!” ~ Cailin Donovan