Rock Your Dream Body & Life

Most of us wish that we could have it all. We strive for the perfect body, the perfect relationship, the perfect bank account, the perfect connection with our spirituality, and 9 times out of 10, all this striving never really leads to us feeling like we’ve made it.

There’s always more to want. But I bet there’s a part of you that believes that if you just push a little harder, once you get “there” and achieve that thing, THAT’S when you will finally be happy.

Especially related to one area in particular – our physical body. Because when all else is chaos, our body tends to be the one thing that we think we should have ultimate control over. And it’s true.

As my friend, Health and Lifestyle Coach, Sheila Viers says, how we “do life” usually shows up on our body. So if we figure out how to find balance with our health and our body, that balance usually spills over into all other areas of life too, because it’s all connected.

And that’s why Sheila has put together an incredible interview series called, ROCK Your Dream Body and Dream Life, to help you break free from yo-yo dieting and self-sabotage so you can feel amazing in your skin.


I am so excited to be one of the 21 experts in this series, speaking on one of my favorite topics alongside a superstar list of game-changers, covering topics like health, relationships, wealth, and spirituality. We’ll all be sharing our best, most actionable tips plus real-life stories and examples from our own lives to help you understand exactly how we practice what we preach even when it’s challenging.

Because we are all human, and I will tell you a little secret… none of us are perfect either.

Best of all?

I have a stack of tickets to give away and I’d love for you to have one!

Grab your ticket here

The ROCK Your Dream Body and Dream Life Interview Series is for you if:

  • You’re tired of yo-yo dieting and always falling farther and farther off the wagon. You are ready to drop the excess baggage (both physically and emotionally) and learn how to stop putting your health and desires last on the list of priorities.
  • You’re always on the go, from the moment you open your eyes and roll out of bed, to the moment you lay down at night with barely enough time to pee let alone prepare a healthy meal or deliberately decide what you want for your life.
  • You’re not happy with your relationships and your day-to-day environment, but you’re not quite sure how to change them (and you’re scared to even think about it).
  • You know you need to exercise, and you want a healthy, lean physique, but you despise grueling workouts! You want a fitness plan that you look forward to.
  • You dread opening your closet in the morning when it’s time to get dressed for the day. Stretchy pants are your go-to wardrobe choice these days because, as hard as it is to admit, none of your clothes fit comfortably anymore.
  • You want to feel abundant and be more proactive with your finances, yet every month you just don’t have the time or know where to start in coming up with a plan that helps you feel safe, secure, and like you have more than enough “fun money” to play with.
  • You lie awake at night worrying about your body, career, relationships and, well, pretty much everything. For as well put together as other people think you are… you feel like you should FEEL well put together!
  • With 21 guest speakers, you’re going to discover tips, tricks and strategies that will show you how to:
  • Drop those extra 20 pounds you’ve been wanting to lose for as long as you can remember… without restrictive dieting or deprivation.
  • Feel financially secure and create financial abundance for yourself, so that you don’t need a man to take care of you (even if you want a man to take care of you).
  • Tap into your inner guide, aka intuition, and use that as your beacon toward aligning with your dream life instead of blindly following what everybody else is telling you to do.
  • Have satisfying, connected relationships that allow love to pour through you and make life so much more meaningful.
  • If you’ve been waiting for permission to finally do what it takes to step into your dream body and your dream life, this is it.

Don’t let another year of forgotten New Year’s Resolutions pass you by. You still have time to make this a reality in 2016!

Grab your FREE ticket for the ROCK Your Dream Body and Dream Life Interview Series 

…and take the first step in moving forward toward your dreams with clarity and intention.

See you there!

Big Hugs & Health,


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