Happy Healthy Hormones Facebook Live Series

Every Tuesday evenings at 5 p.m. (pst) in our Facebook group

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Join me every Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. (pst) in our women’s hormonal health facebook group. Each week we will chat about different women’s health topics. Next week I’ll be sharing how to start seed cycling and how that can help with PMS, irregular periods or just increase your energy levels.  Join our group now! 





{FREE} Eating For Your Hormones Workshop 

Saturday, January 6th at 9 a.m. at Athleta at The Point in El Segundo


We have heard all about the Atkins, Paleo, etc. diet, but what about eating for your hormones as a way to naturally feel at ease in your body and mind? You can reduce sugar cravings, stress and PMS by making some healthy additions to your plate. I will be sharing simple yet effective ways to support your health and hormones in the new year. RSVP today! 


{FREE} Happy Healthy Hormones New Year Challenge 

Starting Monday, January 8th 

Imagine a year where you don’t have to deal with those monthly mood swings, bloating and exhaustion?

I’m here to help you start the new year feeling energized, even after all of those holiday treats! I’m going to show you exactly how you can support your body without dieting, without restriction and learn exactly what to eat and do support your health and your hormones.

Because we all know that when your hormones are happy, you are happy!

I will be showing you the small yet super important steps you can take to get your body and hormones back into balance during Our five day Happy Healthy Hormones New Year Challenge. Join us now as we start on Monday, January 8th.

Healthy Happy Hour 

Friday, January 12th at The Green Yogi in Manhattan Beach

Start the new year focusing on you and your health at our Healthy Happy Hour at The Green Yogi on Friday, January 12th from 6 – 8 p.m.

The Green Yogi Owner Chelsea Berg will lead you through a yoga flow and Katie Bressack will be sharing how you can create a healthy lifestyle that will help increase your energy levels, reduce bloating and lose that holiday weight in a way that feels nourishing and satisfying to your body.

Forget everything you may have tried in the past, diets just don’t work – not only are they restrictive and hard to follow, but they can wreak havoc on your metabolism and hormones. During this two hour session you will leave with a new yoga flow and healthy eating plan to help nourish you for months to come. $20 before January 11th and $25 day of. RSVP today!

Healthy Mama Pregnancy 

Sunday, December 3rd  from 1-3 p.m. at Happy Baby

Have a healthy pregnancy through nutrition, movement and acupuncture. Join me, BIRTHFIT South Bay Regional Director Nicole Foster and Acupuncturist Stephanie Cortner to help nurture your body throughout your pregnancy.

You will learn:

  • What foods you can eat to nourish your body through each trimester
  • How to satisfy your cravings so you can feel energized though all of your body’s changes
  • How to move functionally, with intention, to support and strengthen your pregnant body and to prepare your body for labor and delivery
  • How acupuncture can support your pregnancy

$40 RSVP Today by calling Happy Baby at 424.218.9774

Happy Healthy Hormones Interview Series

Starting Monday, September 18th 

This September I am launching an interview series featuring 21 women’s health experts sharing their unique approach to getting rid of PMS, healing PCOS, the right way for cleansing your body, yoga for hormones and SO much more. You can sign up here and get all of this amazing women’s health information!





Total Body Balance Retreat
September 22-25th, Dana Point California at Monarch Beach Resort 

Our goal is to help you reduce stress for a blissful night’s sleep, reset your metabolism so you can feel comfortable and confident in your body, plus stop sugar cravings for good! We are so excited to treat you to a crash course in taking the best care of YOU…something many of us neglect to do. We’ve extended our 20% off discount, so if you are ready for some yoga, wellness and plenty of relaxation be sure to sign up today.  If you have any questions or would like to chat with me about our retreat, please email me and we can find a time to chat.

Beautiful You Event

Sunday, August 20th at 9 a.m. at The Point in El Segundo 

Join me for an amazing morning of movement and empowerment. I’m part of an event at The Point with Athleta called Beautiful Me. There will be a yoga class, a pop fit class and Marina Braff and I are hosting our Body Love workshop at 11:15. It’s going to be an epic morning of healthy fun starting at 9! You can see more details and sign up here 




Reset Your Metabolism

Saturday, August 19th at 12:30 The Green Yogi, Manhattan Beach, CA

IMG_2002With the proper foods, lifestyle, and yoga poses, you can reset your metabolism and support your body to help you feel nourished, no matter your age! Join me in this free workshop to discover what foods are the best to help reset your metabolism. We’ll also go over the best yoga poses to support your metabolism! Spaces are filling up fast, so be sure to grab your spot today!


Deconstruct Your Cravings
Saturday, July 15th at 12:30 p.m. The Green Yogi, Manhattan Beach, CA


Do you have sudden urges for sweet treats, or can’t stop thinking about bread? We all have cravings during the day, but most of us are unsure what to eat to satisfy and even stop these cravings from happening. I’ll be sharing my top 5 wellness hacks to help curb your cravings. This is a free workshop but it will sell out so be sure to grab your spot today. 


Healthy Mama To Be: Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy
Sunday, June 11th at 10 a.m. Skypark Physical Therapy, Torrance, CA 

Prepare Your Body For PregnancyAre you and your partner thinking of starting or growing your family this year? Now is the ideal time to start preparing your body for pregnancy with proper nutrition, acupuncture and movement to create optimal fertility health. Join me, Acupuncturist Stephanie Cortner and South Bay Birthfit Director Nicole Foster to discover what foods boost fertility, how to sync your cycle and support your hormones with acupuncture, food and proper supplements for fertility, and the importance of establishing optimal core function and a movement routine now. Get your tickets here.

Super Energy Prescription
Thursday, June 8th at 7 p.m. Mar Vista Art Department, Mar Vista, CA 

reduce sugar cravingsDo you feel like you need a nap, a large cup of coffee, a candy bar, or all three things every day at 3 p.m.? What we eat affects the way we feel, especially our sugar cravings, our energy levels and our hormones. I’ll be sharing what you should include in your diet to feel more energized, calm and hormonally balanced in your body. Get your tickets today.



More Workshops & Events Coming Soon!