Health Is More Than A Number

I have no idea how much I weigh and I find a lot of freedom in that.

Why? Because for a time in my life I was a little obsessed with the number on the scale and I let that define the way I felt about my entire LIFE, not just my body.

Before we go more into this I created a three part video series just for you where I’m sharing how you can start creating small shifts in your life to feel more nourished and healthy without dieting and restricting your body.  Below is the first video.

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I was in my early twenties and felt a lot of pressure to look a certain way. Overtime I realized that the number on the scale actually made me feel way worse about myself than the way I actually felt about myself.

Often times I see women working really hard to look a certain way because they are trying to reach a “goal weight.” Instead of feeling healthy they find themselves depriving and restricting their bodies while over exercising and wonder why they don’t feel better even though they are “taking” care of their bodies.

I truly believe that weight loss is the result of eating and moving differently but also finding a place in your heart where you can truly open up to being more kind and loving to yourself no matter what.

This is what I did when I stopped weighing myself… I decided not to let a number define the way I felt about myself and my eating habits improved, my stress levels went way down and I really started finding better relationships that truly support me.

During this time of you are are going to see a lot of buzz on social media about Spring cleanses and detoxes. Most of it is a lot of noise, and after a few days of trying these you might end up feeling worse because you are not eating to support your body.

If you’d like a new approach this Spring join us on my webinar Shift and discover a place where being healthy means more to you than a number on a scale. Where you can feel at home in your body, have more than enough energy without cups of coffee, and nourish your body without depriving and restricting it.  

I’ve already received some great feedback from the women who joined me last week about how this approach feels lighter, more manageable and way more fun.  Here is the link to join us and start living the healthy life you desire and deserve.

Big Hugs & Health,



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