Keep Going Even If You Feel Like Quitting

katie grand canyon hikeAs I began my hike this past Sunday at Bright Angel Trail in the Grand Canyon, I noticed a sign that read “Going down is optional but coming back up is mandatory.” I didn’t really give it a second thought until I started to hike back up the canyon.

During the walk down the canyon, I stopped many times to take photos and chatted with the friends I was with. I felt really good. But on the way back up… different story! It was difficult to stay motivated, my body and mind were exhausted and it took a lot of effort to move.

I wanted to give up but I was in a canyon and no one was going to carry me up the hill – no matter how much I begged my husband! This is when I had to dig deep to find a place inside of me to carry me forward. I was sweating and extremely hot (it was in the 90’s), but I knew once I made it to the top I would feel so good about my epic hike.

I know how easy it is to give up and stop putting effort into your health, but it is always so worth it when we make it to the top and when we reach our health and wellness goals.

We only have a few months left of 2015 – what health and wellness goal would you like to reach? It is never too late to start, even if you have stopped and started many times or are still down in that canyon waiting for your moment of motivation. I know from experience that having just one conversation can change the outcome of your life. If you are looking for someone to support and motivate you send me a note today. In the meantime be sure to share your goals for the rest of the year below! ‘ll be responding with nutrition and wellness advice.

Big Hugs & Health,


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