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August 18, 2017

I’m BEYOND excited to share what I’ve been up to behind the scenes these past few months. (drum roll please…!)
I’ve been interviewing women health experts, twenty-one of them, all about their personal health journeys and how nutrition and lifestyle changes helped them and their clients go from feeling moody, exhausted and bloated to energized and more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

It has been SO fun getting to know all of these experts better and hear their wisdom. I kind of wait to share all the interviews with you right now! For now you can join us here and get more details in your inbox! 

In one month, you will hear from Andrea Beaman on how she healed her thyroid, Elissa Goodman on the right way to cleanse your body, Robyn Srigley on the best way to support PCOS, Nicole Jardim on how to get rid of PMS for good, Stasha Washburn on how to start tracking your cycle and SO many more amazing women like the founders of Concsious Period and B-wom.

My intention with this interview series is to help educate you about your body and hormones. I don’t know about you, but I never had a ton of formal education about hormones growing up. I got my period, had a five minute chat with my mom, and then was pretty much on my own each month.

Over the years I dabbled with tracking my period, my mood and energy levels, but it wasn’t until I skipped a period one month, no I wasn’t pregnant, and went to the doctor and discovered how stress plays a huge role in hormones and your monthly cycle. Soon after I went back to school for nutrition, and after I graduated I decided to focus on women’s health and hormones.

My hope with this series is to help you feel more comfortable about what is happening in your body, plus what steps you can take to help support you and your health better. I know that each one of us has a unique relationship to our body and struggles with different health and hormonal issues, but all of us can feel more empowered with the right knowledge. I want you to feel more educated the next time you are with your doctor, ask the right questions so you can get the best help. I want you to know what foods are optimal for your hormones, so you can feel energized and calm and I want you to feel like you are the ONE in control of your health.

I hope you will join me and then share the love! If you know anyone who would love learning more about their hormonal health, cause as we know everything in our body is regulated by our hormones, and it’s time to help everyone out so please pass this info along!

I’m so excited to have you on this journey with me.

Big Hugs & Health, 




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